Last October, I traveled to Italy to capture my client, Roxanne Steed’s, art & watercolor retreat in Tuscany (in case you missed this adventure you can catch up with part I and part 2!)

For our client videos, I use an Archetype framework to define their brand, then capture the video and messaging most aligned with their archetype. Since Roxanne is an artist and teacher, she’s a hybrid ‘Lover Sovereign’ archetype.

The Lover is all about creative expression and encouraging others to do the same by example. Not only does Roxanne’s work exemplify this archetype but her personality does too. She’s warm, enthusiastic, and completely in her genius zone when she’s creating art.

The Sovereign archetype is all about guiding and teaching. It’s someone who helps their audience, customers, clients, to see a clear path forward, the helps them implement and execute the plan.

Roxanne and I met when she joined my Accelerator program where I helped her grow her course-based business, so it was such a joy to witness her in her genius zone – guiding and encouraging her students.

For Roxanne’s video, I wanted to capture the fun and whimsy parts of Roxanne’s personality (and Lover archetype!) while presenting it in a guiding and encouraging way that would showcase her Sovereign archetype! Here’s the end result of her brand video:

With all my client videos, I always include a 30-60 second trailer that can be used on social media, or as attention-grabbing video ads. Here’s Roxanne’s!

And here’s her retreat video that would specially promote her art retreats in France and Italy. Oh, and if you’d like to learn more about her upcoming retreat in France, click here!

Plus the invitational trailer:

If you’d like to learn more about how we could collaborate on your brand or retreat videos, you can read about my process and apply here.

I would love to explore what we could create for you!


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