Hey, I’m Emmy Wu.


I manage the moving parts that turn ideas into reality.

collaborations & awards

Delivering Digital Solutions On-Time and On-Budget.

Project Management & Workflow Optimization: Led the seamless execution of video production lifecycles, managing intricate production schedules, budgets, legal agreements, crew hiring and coordination, and post-production phases. Developed and implemented project tracking systems to enhance transparency and efficiency, while lowering project costs.

Creative Conceptualization & Brand Management: Led collaborative efforts across multiple on-site and remote departments to seamlessly manage script and creative approvals, execute on-property events and remote events, while ensuring an efficient workflow and high quality of delivery. 

Digital Marketing Optimization & Performance Evaluation: Spearheaded the evaluation of social media platforms and paid advertising campaigns, implementing data-informed strategies to optimize digital marketing efforts and budget allocation. Proven track record in leveraging analytics to drive marketing success.

Innovative Marketing Campaign Development: Partnered with clients to conceptualize and implement innovative marketing campaigns, driving brand awareness and sales. Developed and led the production of high-engagement video campaigns, resulting in significant sales growth and industry recognition.