Led By Intuition, Driven By Data.

Ever since I was little, I’d dream about becoming “Indiana Jane” and making documentaries about tribes in the Amazon jungle. I’ve always wanted to use the moving picture to preserve and share knowledge, and inspire people into action.

With a passion for storytelling, I started my journey in Vancouver, BC, my hometown, where I sent my resume to every producer on the BC Film Commission list before I finally got my foot in the door. A producer needed some errands done that day – and my resume just so happened to be on his desk – so he brought me onto his feature film, where I met more people and my freelancing career grew. 

I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with some incredible crew on features films, movies of the weeks (MOW’s), commercials, and episodic TV. I’ve been on set with MGM, Paramount, The Jim Henson Company, Kia, Subaru, and Taco Bell. I even dabbled into reality TV where I coordinated two seasons of Real Housewives of Vancouver. You can check out my filmography here on IMDB.

In 2015, I moved from my hometown to Portland, Oregon to be with my love, and began my entrepreneurial journey with my own video and marketing company. During this time, I conceptualized, planned, and executed on marketing and product launch campaigns that tapped into new markets and broke industry standards. 

This time helped me to further develop my skills in copywriting, team building, paid advertising, and public speaking. I discovered a natural knack for breaking down complex creative, technical, and production parameters, and leveraged this skill to build clear roadmaps for my clients that would help to grow their businesses. 

My work has allowed me to see world: from the vast steppes of Mongolia, to rolling hills of Tuscany, to the buzzing streets of Tokyo, and the jungles of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It seems this little girl’s dreams of Indiana Jane did come true after all. 

In my more recent roles, I’ve acted as Senior Producer and Operations Manager where I spearheaded all in-house productions from concept to delivery, including the creation and maintenance of budgets, project scope, crew & onboarding, production schedules, call sheets, insurance and permits, while delivering a high-quality client experience. 

Currently, my husband and I reside in Northville, Michigan. When I’m not working, you can find me running to the woods for my next camping adventure, practicing krav maga techniques, or trying to find the closest gelato shop.


🎬 Media Operations & Entertainment Experience: worked with brands like MGM, Disney, Subaru, and Real Housewives with meticulous project management and communication skills to deliver on shifting and overlapping timelines.

🌎 Proven Success At Global Operations with Ability to Mobilize Large, Cross-Functional Teams: spearheaded the corporate acquisition of Plus 8 Digital into Panavision Canada which included the assimilation of broadcast and video inventory, designation & training of staff on procedures, and nation-wide transition to new rental software.

📱Deep Knowledge of Digital Media & Video Landscape & Trends: responsible for conceptualizing, strategizing, and implementing marketing & product launch campaigns that have tapped into new markets & exceeded industry standard engagement rates.

💻 Project Management Software & Tech Savvy: fluent on both Mac and PC environments. Well-versed in Asana, ClickUp, Google Suites, JIRA, Monday.com, Final Cut Pro X, plus cinema and mirrorless camera workflows, and post-production asset organization.

  • GELATO FANATIC 100% 100%

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