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Let’s Transform Your Business With A Proven Evergreen Strategy To Get More Students And Take Your Business To 6-Figures In Less Than 12 Months.

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FOR VISIONARIES READY TO Go from worrying about monthly revenue goals to cruising through 6-figure months with clarity, peace-of-mind and CEO-level confidence.

If you’re ready to stop the endless cycles of busy-work and overwhelm, and finally get your coaching, consulting, or course-based business to tbe streamlined and scale-ready, without the hustle – this program is for you.

Picture this…

You’re sitting on a stunning rooftop in Florence, Italy, sipping a glass of Moet and taking in the view without worrying that your team’s going to drop the ball for your launch.

Your partner and you are enjoying a week-long vacation while everything is being taken care of on the business front.

And you have that deep confidence that comes from knowing you have everything set in place so sales don’t stop, business continues to run and you … you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Except. It’s not a dream.

It is reality.

Your reality.

Visionary, that is what I see for you.


 Because when you’re building a million-dollar business that leaves a lasting legacy…

You don’t dream small and you definitely don’t wing it.

Winging it is great for your eyeliner.

Not so much for your business strategy.

Flying by the seat of your pants was great when you were starting out.


But stepping up and stepping out?

THAT needs a different level of you.

A level that needs the trifecta of soul work, teamwork and legacy work.

And you need someone who can gently but firmly call you out on playing small, giving into fear and following the “old way” that served you once but wouldn’t serve you in the future.

You need flow, yes.

But what you need more than that?



Focus on the systems that’ll give you the confidence to scale.

And build a team that doesn’t let you down, with a suite of profitable products and services that sell without you hustling non-stop feeling like a silver-tongued salesman in a sad suit.

You want to focus on building the life you’ve been vision-boarding and journaling about.

A life where you can take time off to care for your parents (or a sick kid) without an iota of panic or worry.

A life where vacations are easy and often.

A life you love.

It’s time for your up-level,

my dear Visionary.

Building your best life doesn’t need more things on that to-do list. 

It needs the right things. 

Let’s be honest…

You don’t need more to do. Right now… Your body feels tired, your brain feels exhausted, and your eyes?

Your eyes aren’t getting any better because of all that screen time.

You feel like you’ve got a one-way ticket to Burnout City and it hurts.

It hurts because you’ve already put in the hard yards.

It was supposed to get easy. It was supposed to get better.

And here’s the thing…

It CAN get easy and better.

Because your next level actually requires LESS of you.

*hears audible gasp*

That’s right. You don’t need to do more. You don’t need to clone yourself.

You definitely don’t need to clutch that ticket to Burnout City as you complete one more launch feeling like you’re going to go batshit crazy.

For visionaries who want to do the work they love, building legacies that last and have a proven plan that flows towards focused, sustainable, burnout-free growth.

Hey! I’m Emmy.

And I’m OBSESSED with helping YOU succeed. 

Over the last 6+ years, I’ve helped thousands of women tell their stories, build successful businesses, and shine brightly online.

Without drowning in overwhelm, guilt or regrets. 

Organizing and scaling your business is EASY. Getting you there with the most freedom and fun that you DESERVE? 

That’s where I come in. 😉 

Just in case you’re wondering WHY I’m not only qualified to walk with you on this path but also super excited… here’s a blast from the past. 

For 2 decades, I coordinated complex, multi-million dollar Hollywood film productions for brands like MGM, Paramount, and Disney, so orchestrating big projects has always been in my bones.

I learned that SYSTEMS kept everything running smoothly, even when a Real Housewife is having a very public meltdown on set.

And yes, you may have heard or seen me on one (or more!) of these projects as well.

While you don’t have to manage a cranky
Real Housewife …

… You WILL have to manage the challenges in business without giving up or pulling out. 

When you have the right systems in place, not only will your business run more smoothly, but you still grow your business and cash flow without being the bottleneck. 

For the last 6+ years, I’ve helped my clients GROW their business and income streams, while doing it with EASE & FLOW because they have the right foundation in place.

You Don’t Just Know How – You Show How.

Your step by step guidance on not just the how but the WHY of it all was amazing.

I had everything I need to help me succeed in my business and facilitated TWO 5-figure launches from brand new products!!!

As someone who coaches and holds space for others for a living, I need to tell you that the way you hold space is divine. I felt held, seen and supported in this program more than anything I’ve experienced. Thank you.


What does your Transformation look like?


Your evolution will be built on these principals:

Focus on the Work You Truly Love.

True abundance lies in focusing your highest work, and delegating and detoxing busy work so you can step into being a true CEO. Reclaim your calendar and create white space so you can do what really counts instead of being stuck in the weeds, all.the.time.

Worthy of Being Supported.

With the right systems and working WITH your energy, you’ll create rhythms for flow states to produce mind-blowing results and completely change how you FEEL every day. You don’t need an army to build a million-dollar business. You need a team chosen with intention to support your vision and your zone of genius.

Expand Your Revenue Streams.

Share your knowledge through online courses and programs that’ll grow your audience, your revenue, and leave a bigger impact on the world. BUT you want to do this in a way that’s focused and not scattered. The idea isn’t to create simply for the sake of creating but create with intention and focus to serve at the best possible scale.

The VOICE VIDEO VISION BUSINESS ACCELERATOR is where you go from worrying about monthly revenue goals to cruising through 6-figure months with clarity, peace-of-mind and CEO-level confidence. 

Here’s What We’ll Do Together Inside The Voice Video Vision Business Accelerator:

Phase 1:

Lock In Your Audience Growth

✔️  Gain clarity on your next business steps with a fully mapped out 90-day roadmap ahead. 

✔️  Plan out your launches and revenue path so you always know how much is landing in your bank each month. 

✔️  Discover how to integrate your story into your marketing to create an authentic voice and messaging plan. 

✔️  Follow my video blueprints and email templates to get your lead generation locked in place. 


Phase 2:

Packaging Your Genius

✔️  Transfer your skills and passion into digital programs like coaching, courses or memberships to create more revenue streams.

✔️  Swipe our email templates and Kartra membership site template to quickly set up a streamlined client and customer experience.

✔️  Know exactly how to position your value in sales conversations and turn more maybe’s into “yes! How can I pay you?!”


Phase 3:

What’s The Hype?

✔️  Map out your promotions and launches with ease with my templates and step-by-step, rinse-and-repeat process. 

✔️  Swipe my 5- Day Challenge email series and social media posts to build visibility fast! 

✔️  Unlock my Master Video Scripts to automate your marketing and convert leads around the clock, even when you’re not there!


Phase 4:

Multiply Your Revenue

✔️  Automate lead generation and sales process for your digital programs to bring in passive income.

✔️  Understand your business numbers to ensure you’re always profitable with a plan for savings and your most important goals. 

✔️  Build sovereign boundaries around your time, money, and resources so you can stay focused as the Queen Bee, while your company continues to grow. 


We Sold Out Both Online Courses, Added More Income Streams, And Generated 6-Figures In Less Than A Year In A Brand New Market.

I guess we’re all kind of blown away here! We didn’t even have this online class idea in our heads a few weeks ago – and we could never have done this without your help, guidance, and inspiration.

Emmy has a gift. She asks questions, listens carefully, and has the ability to highlight what you do in a way that your target market is ready to engage with you!

She was the ringleader of our first online project, bringing all the moving parts seamlessly together. It literally seemed like one minute we were in the dark, the next we were selling out our courses! Emmy had everything lined up and led us one step at a time through the process.

If it weren’t for Emmy, I daresay our online courses may have never made it out into the world. It was through her insight, great ideas, ability to explain everything clearly, and fully execute, all while remaining calm and clear, that moved us forward.


But there’s more!

Your Millionaire Bonuses

✔️  BONUS 1: ✍🏼 MILLION DOLLAR SWIPE FIILES – my highest-converting plug n play email templates and landing page templates that have generated well into the 7-figures for myself and my clients. (value $997)

✔️  BONUS 2: 🎬 THE VIDEO TECH LAB with tech tutorials, video scripts, and library of training to get you confidently using video. (value $497)

✔️ 💰 BONUS 3: FACEBOOK ADS LAB with dummy-proof, step-by-step account and campaign set-up to start generating leads faster than you can say ‘Abracadabra!’ (value $997)

✔️ 🖥️ BONUS 4: ONE-CLICK TO IMPORT FUNNEL PAGES & CAMPAIGNS into your Kartra account to deploy your high-converting funnel in a day. *Coming Soon!* (value $1997)

The Accelerator is where you get both the map AND the guide to lead you to your dream destination


 A life you don’t want to escape from.

The Accelerator is a 6-month incubator designed to give seasoned entrepreneurs the GPS to getting to a million-dollar business without expensive detours.

Let me help you get organized so you can finally take time off – take that cooking class in Tuscany or experience that South African safari you’ve been dreaming of … and start making the years to come, your best yet!

Don’t take my word for it though …

listen to what these visionaries have to say. 

Staci Jordan Shelton – Performance Consultant & Coach.

Roxanne Steed – Watercolor Artist & Teacher.

Working with Emmy was one of the best business decisions I made! I gained so much functionality and was able to let go of many moving parts, which actually saved me a lot of time, energy, and money.

Emmy was thorough in getting to know my business, which enabled her to highlight the right systems and processes to streamline my workflow. I no longer feel inundated by an endless to do list. I feel empowered to take regular, intentional and concise action. She was able to lead and lift me simultaneously and transfer her organizational brilliance to me and for that I have become a much better CEO of my company. My world has changed since working with Emmy and for that I am forever grateful.



Emmy helped me recognize my fears, acknowledging my resistance and how to move past them.  Emmy’s knowledge as well as her compassion as a coach and all of the valuable tools and strategies provided will continue to be a valuable resource for me in the months to come.

I have so many useful tools to use from the program when I launch my full Membership and courses next year. I’m motivated more than than ever to reach my creative business goals. 



Outstanding Investment! The value of Emmy’s Accelerator program is much greater than the cost of enrolling.

I became a part of this program because my heart told me it was the right thing to do. I had lots of doubts and expressed them to Emmy during the last minutes before enrolling. She promptly responded to my concerns and gently helped confirm what my heart and spirit was telling me.

Before the end of the first month I was permanently sold on what Emmy has to offer. If you get the opportunity to enroll in Emmy’s Accelerator Program, do it now. You won’t regret it.



Thank you, Emmy, for setting the bar so high for any other another coach/mentor.  I love this season of our journey together. 

You, Emmy, have made me feel safe becoming myself- both the parts that need attention to heal & embracing the leader side of me. You’ve led the way for me to believe in myself- that’s true leadership.  Thank you for strengthening our unique paths.

This is so much more than a business accelerator, it’s a life transformer chrysalis. It’s one of my favorite places to be.  I honor you, Emmy.




Emmy is an amazing teacher and mentor. She is incredibly authentic and has a generous heart, she doesn’t hold back and offers all of her years of knowledge and experience in building a sustainable business.

This program was extremely comprehensive and filled in a lot of the gaps in my business and has given me tons of new tools to work with.



Emmy has deep industry experience in video and film — but she is not just knowledgeable about the strategy, operations, and details that go into making and sharing videos.

More importantly, she is fully engaged in supporting her clients in telling their own stories effectively through this medium, and pours her entire heart into sharing her expertise generously and helping her clients shine.



Emmy offers the refreshing mix of a strategic mind and heart-centered approach.

She’s unafraid to (kindly) call out bullshit when needed, and has created a space + process that allows you to really drill-down and gain clarity, grow confidence, and embody your values while building a profitable business. 



Emmy provides a wealth of information, consistent guidance, and authentic, heartfelt reflection and vision of what’s possible for you and your business.

I will be implementing her tools and what I learned for some time to come. In addition to the knowledge, the community in the group is supportive and encouraging. I have made connections with people in the program that will last beyond our time together in the program.



The Accelerator is where you become a part of something bigger than yourself.

You become a part of a mission. 

A mission to make a bigger impact with million dollar businesses that change the world.

Because … 

Building a business that makes good money WHILE doing great things in the world is so much more meaningful than chasing a revenue goal. 

What does that even look like? 

🐄 Saving a slaughter-bound calf to live out her days on a peaceful sanctuary as she deserves.

🎓 Helping a girl from a farming family to attend university, making her the first in her family to finish post-secondary, and grow up to be a global activist.

🌿 Buying large areas of land so future generations will be able to experience in real life, the majesty of native plants and animals.

When you have clarity on how your work TODAY can support the causes and communities you care about for FUTURE generations … then you’re building more than just a business.

You’re starting a movement. You’re building a legacy.

Ready to build your legacy with intention, clarity and a complete roadmap?

Still reading?

Here’s how to know whether you’d benefit from your Accelerated experience:


☑️  You’ve had several successes under your Gucci belt but you’re TIRED of hustling. You dream of RELAXING in a hot tub from your penthouse overlooking New York City, instead of staring at your computer screen trying to hit a deadline. 

☑️  You’ve made your 5-figure months but you’re clocking 60 hour weeks and your marriage is teetering precariously. You know you want to travel the world but your calendar wouldn’t magically white-erase itself.

☑️  You’re an expert who is ready to turn your knowledge into online programs and courses so you can bring in money on autopilot while being the best soccer mom on the block. 

☑️  You’re ready to scale to the million dollar mark but desperately need to stop bottle-necking your best projects and finally have a team you can trust to tackle any task!

☑️  You’re fun, coachable and share our values. We believe in Black Lives Matter, stand for LGBTQ+ rights, and are actively working to build an inclusive, anti-racist company from the inside out.


You’re ready to get out of the daily “DO-ing” and feel FIRED UP about your mission again.  

Support causes you care about. 

Breathe easy when you review your Passion Planner. 

Feeling excited about what’s on your docket instead of feeling anxiety do a slow crawl across your back. 

Apply now to get your complimentary personalized Growth Strategy session with Emmy Wu.

Click the button below to complete this free application with no obligation to enroll. We will let you know if it’s a good fit to work together in this program. It will only take a couple minutes to complete.

Here’s what I see for you, my dear, bright-hearted visionary…

In 6 months from now, you’d be savoring a glass of wine in the Tuscan countryside while your perfectly ironed out evergreen system keeps making you money around the clock.

You’d be planning a trip to finally feast your eyes on the Temple of Poseidon in Greece or blocking dates on your calendar to visit your soon-to-arrive grandkid. 

No guilt.

No worry.

No ongoing anxiety about meeting bills. 

I see all this for you because I’ve seen it unfold over and over again.

I’m a huge believer in starting with what you have. 

And you’ve done that. 

You’ve started with what you had. BUT what got you here wouldn’t get you to that multi-million dollar mark. 

Let me guide you to what will.


The time with Emmy coming up with a framework for my offer was priceless! 

The program was both the nuts and bolts of increasing your visibility through video and the incredibly important but frequently overlooked factor of mindset coaching. 

I finally feel like I have a solid process with which to create and present a cohesive message through video about the value of my programs.



Emmy is not just another online marketing coach. She has real Hollywood skills that is applied to your training. If you are a creative willing to work hard, she is delivers training that proves results.

As a creative with an MBA, I appreciate the freedom to safely share wacky ideas with the cohort and not feel like I have to hold back to build my business. Emmy gets how creatives are and guides us in a structured yet unstructured manner to help us tap into our magic and grow our business.



Thank you for helping me recognize my fears, acknowledging my resistance and how to move past them.

Your knowledge as well as your compassion as a coach and all of the valuable tools and strategies you have provided will continue to be a valuable resource for me in the months to come.

I’m motivated more than than ever to reach my creative business goals.



Emmy brings together the most magnificent people into her groups. I know I have made life long friends with savvy business expertise who are super supportive and helpful.

Emmy was there for us every step of the way. She provided so much knowledge, all her templates, total support and was there for us if we slipped.

Best money I have ever spent on myself!



Emmy is Ahhh-Mazing. She has a magical blend of technical, creative and strategy with a deep understanding of video marketing which is very rare to find.

Her strategy forces you to think big picture, then she helps to hold your hand to implement all of it. I totally recommend her as the resource to use when you are looking at turning your videos PRO.



Hiring Emmy to do my video launches was the best business decision I’ve made this year!

She is the real deal, deeply care about her work and to get YOU results with your launch.

The end result of working with Emmy was a fabulous videos, we launched a week ago, and my class is already full with amazing students!




I'm just starting my online business. Would this be a good program for me?

This program is for experienced business owners who have sold and launched before. We move fast in this space to make magic, so knowing those elements will help you move forward and get big results fast! If you’re starting your business, you can check out the library of video trainings on our Facebook page to support you. 

What's your refund policy? What if this isn't right for me?

Our main goal is your success so we care very careful in selecting only those who are right for this container. In the case that you’re not right for this program, we will be the first ones to let you know and guide you to other resources. 

Due to the digital nature of this program and since all members will receive a 1:1 call with Emmy personally, we have a strict no refund policy. Please reach out to us on our Facebook page or send an email to support (at) emmywu (dot) com to ask any questions before applying.

There's a lot to do! How will you support me?

We’ll connect each week during our weekly live calls where you can ask your questions. Plus, ‘Get It Done’ sessions designed to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned, and a private Facebook group, consider me and my team your biz besties 😉 From Facebook ads to mindset, you’ll have access to a panel of experts to provide support and accountability along the way, you’ll grow your business faster and with way more fun!

Is there anything that I should prepare for, or anything I'll need to make the most of this mentorship?

Just the commitment to focus and implement! Where most entrepreneurs get tripped up is when they lose focus on one specific strategy and give up too soon before they see results. We’re going to put one plan in place and get it working for your business so you’ll want to set aside time to do that.

It’s also important to remember that business ebbs and flows: some weeks may require more time than others, so it’s more about having focused commitment to your vision.

To get more leads into your funnel, I would also recommend an ads budget down the road. $10/day to start is plenty, but absolutely not mandatory for this program.

How much time do I need each week to implement?

Just like with anything, the more committed focus you put into something, the faster you’ll see results. That said, it’s about making consistent action. There’s no point in going all in during week 1 if you won’t be able to keep up in week 3. Ideally, I would set aside at least one full day per week to really get momentum in this program. Some weeks where you’re creating videos may take more time, depending on your comfort level with video.

Are there tools that I'll need to invest in?

You’ll need an email newsletter provider like Mailchimp or Active Campaign. However, my personal favourite is Kartra because it’s the all-in-one business building tool with features similar to Infusionsoft, but at a fraction of the cost. If you use Kartra, I can also share my funnel assets with you so it’s even easier to deploy your funnel1

If you’re planning on launching a new online program, you may also want a budget for Facebook ads to increase your reach, but it’s not mandatory to start. We’ll start organically to test results, then I would recommend using Facebook ads to scale your systems for growth.

If you’re a service-based business, I would recommend an invoicing and bookkeeping software like 17hats. I personally love this software because I can automate my workflow and know that I never drop a ball with a client!