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Over the last 10+ years, we’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs tell their stories, build successful businesses, and shine brightly online.

Bringing together video production, systems, and storytelling, We help  entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses without the costly mistakes.

we work closely with our clients to transform their companies from struggling to scale-ready.

Here are their stories.



Promoting Neurological Innovation Through Impactful Video Marketing


Brightlamp, a pioneering digital medical device company, developed the Reflex Pro, a cutting-edge pupillometer designed for medical professionals managing neurological conditions like concussions.

Since its introduction in 2019, the company experienced significant growth and aimed to scale operations to meet rising customer demand. The challenge was effectively communicating the sophisticated technology of Reflex Pro to a broad audience, making its benefits and ease of use comprehensible to potential investors and medical professionals.


The objectives were to simplify the complex technology for a mass audience while emphasizing its clinical validation and potential for widespread medical use. The strategic approach involved:

Create content that demystifies the technology while highlighting its precision and relevance in medical practice.

Use targeted marketing channels to reach potential investors and medical professionals effectively.

Position the product as a high-value investment through clear demonstration of its capabilities and market potential.


    Some key actions contributed to the success of their launch:

    Collaborated with the founder to produce a video that demonstrated the device’s ability to assess ocular health and cognitive function swiftly and accurately, making it accessible and appealing to non-specialist viewers.

    Strategic communication that emphasized the device’s classification and its clinical validation to build trust and credibility.

    Broad distribution that utilized platforms frequented by medical professionals and potential investors, ensuring the video reached a wide but relevant audience.

    The Results

    ☑️ Raised $94,245.97: The campaign effectively attracted funding that will aid in scaling the company’s operations.

    ☑️ Elevated Company Valuation: Achieved a significant increase in company valuation to $15.48 million, indicating robust investor confidence and market interest.

    ☑️ Increased Product Awareness: Enhanced understanding and visibility of Reflex Pro among the target audience, leading to greater interest and engagement from the medical community.


    Saint John’s Resort

    Elevating Hospitality: From Tee to Table, and Everything Between


    Saint John’s Resort, a 200-acre luxury resort offering accommodations, dining, and recreational facilities in Plymouth, Michigan.

    Despite its iconic status and diverse offerings, Saint John’s Resort struggled to effectively market its full range of amenities and experiences to potential guests. The resort needed to increase brand visibility, boost event sales, and engage a broader audience across various segments.


    A comprehensive marketing and event management approach that includes:

    Steamline cross-functional collaboration for event execution from its unstructured state that created confusion and redudancies

    Build data-driven digital Meta advertising and social media strategies instead of spray and pray  methods used in the past

    Visual content creation for brand storytelling for soon-to-be brides

    Strategic partnerships with local businesses and national brands for enhanced visibility


      Orchestrated on-property events and activations by:

      Led and improved collaborative efforts across cross-functional teams for on-property events by streamlining the communications process to reduce confusion and grow team morale. 

      Enhancing brand visibility through strategic event planning and optimizing vendor partnerships to host local events with other business owners

      Utilized data-driven insights to tailor campaigns for different audience segments that focused on promoting relevant events and special offers

      Planned, filmed, and edited story-driven photos & videos to create strategic brand content for social media and nationwide marketing and PR campaigns

      The Results

      ☑️ Sold-out events and and increased event sales and hotel bookings by 30% in less than 3 months through targeted digital marketing campaigns

      ☑️ Boosted social media engagement by over 50% with strategic brand photos and videos and achieved inprecedented CTR and CPL rates

      ☑️ Improved cross-functional team collaboration, leading to better team morale and more seamless guest experiences

      ☑️ Successfully drove more online traffic and dining sales to Five Steakhouse and achieved booked-out status at the Wine Grotto

      ☑️ Positioned the resort as a premium destination with a wide range of amenities, including golf facilities, dining outlets, and dining options


      Golden Sphere Studios

      Crafting Legacy Through Artistry and Education




      Lynn and Kent Raible, owners of Golden Sphere Studios. Kent is a master goldsmith and jewelry-maker with pieces in the Smithsonian museum.

      Despite Kent’s renowned expertise, Golden Sphere Studios experienced a significant drop in jewelry sales over the past year. Traditional marketing efforts failed to reach new customers, and they were on the verge of laying off their team. Lynn approached for help in creating videos to boost jewelry sales as a last resort.


      Framework: A comprehensive approach to business transformation that includes:

      In-depth market research and opportunity analysis to discover a pool of students eager to learn Kent’s techniques.

      Strategic pivoting based on discovered market needs

      Rapid course development and launch management so we coud capitalize on the buzz

      Audience engagement and momentum building through teaser videos and posts.

      Transition to an evergreen model from one-time launches to provide more sustainable income


      Some key actions contributed to the success of their launch: 

      Conducted strategic questioning and listening to uncover untapped market potential

      Performed target market analysis, revealing a pool of aspiring jewelry-makers on social media eager to learn Kent’s techniques

      Pivoted the business model from selling jewelry to packaging Kent’s knowledge into an online course

      Managed the course launch process, building and launching the online course within 6 weeks

      Rapidly engaged with the audience & leveraged Kent’s expertise to build excitement and momentum

      Executed a successful launch, selling out the program within 48 hours

      Shifted from a launch model to an evergreen, subscription model for continuous passive income

      The Results

      ☑️ Successfully sold out the online course within 48 hours, and continued to generate six-figures in revenue in less than 9 months in a brand new market

      ☑️ Avoided layoffs and stabilized the business financially while diversifying the business model

      ☑️ Demonstrated the ability to pivot quickly and effectively in response to market opportunities

      ☑️ Established a new brand identity as both a jewelry studio and an educational resource

      ☑️ Received enthusiastic feedback from the client, praising the strategic insights, clear communication, and effective execution throughout the process

      We Sold Out Both Online Courses, Added More Income Streams, And Generated 6-Figures In A Brand New Market!

      Emmy has a gift. She asks questions, listens carefully, and has the ability to highlight what you do in a way that your target market is ready to engage with you!

      She was the ringleader of our first online project, bringing all the moving parts seamlessly together. It literally seemed like one minute we were in the dark, the next we were selling out our courses! Emmy had everything lined up and led us one step at a time through the process.

      If it weren’t for Emmy, I daresay our online courses may have never made it out into the world. It was through her insight, great ideas, ability to explain everything clearly, and fully execute, all while remaining calm and clear, that moved us forward.


      Emmy Offers The Refreshing Mix Of A Strategic Mind And Heart-Centered Approach.

      She’s unafraid to (kindly) call out bullshit when needed, and has created a space + process that allows you to really drill-down and gain clarity, grow confidence, and embody your values while building a profitable business. 



      California Cowboy

      Elevating Brand Presence and Engagement Through Strategic Video Marketing

      CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISING VIDEO (Produced for Rally On Media)


      California Cowboy is a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer apparel sector, known for creating the innovative ‘apres sport’ apparel category. The brand’s unique approach combines technical functionality with a flair for social engagement, making each piece a catalyst for conversation and connection.

      Despite its innovative product line, California Cowboy struggled to capture the wider market attention needed to scale their business significantly. They needed a marketing strategy that could showcase their unique brand ethos effectively, highlighting the social-centric design and functionality of their apparel.


      The primary objectives were to enhance brand visibility, engage potential customers, and drive investor interest to support business scaling. The strategic approach involved:

      Content strategy that focused on developing engaging video content that highlights the social and functional benefits of California Cowboy’s apparel.

      Targeted distribution by employing precision targeting on digital platforms to reach potential customers and investors effectively.

      Engagement tactics with interactive calls-to-action to foster direct interactions with the brand, increasing website traffic and social media engagement.


      Produced an engaging video that depicted the apparel in use during lively after-sport social settings, emphasizing its ability to enhance the wearer’s social experience.

      Leveraged social media platforms for targeted video distribution, ensuring visibility among the intended audience.

      Integrated calls-to-action in all campaign materials to encourage viewers to visit the website, sign up for updates, and engage with the brand directly.

      The Results

      ☑️ The campaign successfully raised $185,085.14, contributing directly to a funding round that supported production and distribution expansion.

      ☑️ The valuation of the company surged to $6.6 million, reflecting increased investor confidence and market interest.

      ☑️ Enhanced customer engagement metrics, including website traffic and social media interactions, led to higher conversion rates and a broader customer base.


      Glam Girl Gabi – YouTuber & Influencer


      YOUTUBE COLLABORATION VIDEO (Produced for GMS Media & Advertising)


      Gabi came to us because she needed to create a high-energy, video for an upcoming contest with two other Youtubers in Portland, Oregon. 

      We had to merge product placements into the story and produce a video that would blend cinematic quality with fast-paced YouTube-style content. The challenge was to produce this video in just three hours, live on set, while incorporating sponsorships and maintaining viewer engagement.


      We had to take a strategic approach to content creation that combines:

      • Time management under pressure to maximize how much footage we could capture in a short time window.
      • Balancing cinematic elements from reality television with fast-paced YouTube aesthetics.
      • Incorporating sponsorships seamlessly as part of the story.
      • Creating suspense and drama in a short timeframe by carefully planning key story points and using interview commentary.

      From my experience working on reality television, we incorporated interviews with all 3 contest participants to build a story of competition and a cliffhanger that would prompt viewers to stay engaged with her brand on social media.


      • Maximize the short shoot day on a 4-man crew due to limited space in the hair salon where we’d be shooting.
      • Integrate interviews and cinematic techniques from reality television to create tension and elevate the overall quality.
      • Implemented fast-moving clips to maintain high energy throughout the video
      • Plenty of B-roll and carefully selected dialogue with placed product sponsorships to feel natural rather than commercial.
      The Results

      Wow, it looks fantastic!!!

      I am so happy with the final draft! I love the extra touches you did, the sound design, the fast moving clips, the product placements, etc! It is AWESOME! You also managed to keep the sponsorships in there without it feeling like a gigantic commercial. It feels way more natural while also being fast paced, suspenseful and educational. That was not an easy feat!

      Thank you to you and the entire team for everything. You were phenomenal to work with. 




      It Was THE BEST Experience!


      It’s everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. 🙂 The video was such a nice gift to get at the end of the day after my grandmother’s memorial service yesterday. I showed it to my family and they all cried.

      I loved your process, you have your systems dialed, and it was clear you had put a lot of thought into the entire process from start to finish.

      This video will live on my home page for a long time to come! 


      You Don’t Just Know How – You Show How.

      Your step by step guidance on not just the how but the WHY of it all was amazing.

      I had everything I need to help me succeed in my business and facilitated TWO 5-figure launches from brand new products!!!

      As someone who coaches and holds space for others for a living, I need to tell you that the way you hold space is divine. I felt held, seen and supported in this program more than anything I’ve experienced. Thank you.




      I’ve Doubled My Students, Tripled My Income, And Even Have A Student From Japan!!

      I have a new sense of calm because I’m no longer scrambling to stay on top of things and wondering where my next students will come from.

      I used to watch other people and wonder how they got there – YOU helped me to get there and my business has transformed as a result.