I am SO excited to share this week’s video about my recent client video shoot in Kona and walk you through my creative process for creating videos.

LEYLA DIM is a therapist who integrates her clinical background with indigenous medicine and soul work to create a unique and powerful framework for personal healing. She’s birthing a new phase of her business and she came to me to help create videos that would bring this new message into the world.

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She was such a joy to work with, open to playing along and capturing the b-roll shots that would help tell stories from different phases of her life. She took me to Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau that stood on a bed of lava rock which many areas of interest that gave us diversity for different “scenes”.

The best part was definitely the sunset lookout! The tide was coming in and the sun was setting, so we had limited time to get the shots we wanted. But we stayed on course with the exact shots we needed to capture, and ended up with a collection of gorgeous footage!

I absolutely loved her sunset portrait shots!

From distilling her unique story, to mapping out shots, to interview prep, and direction while shooting on location, I share the behind-the-scenes on how client videos are really made from concept to delivery!

Deep thanks to Leyla for hosting me in Hawaii and for this incredible experience! I seriously cannot WAIT to release your brand videos!

Click below to watch!

My creative process includes these four elements:

  1. Story Distillation: my proprietary storytelling process to help me uncover the client’s story. In reading Leyla’s responses, key themes of “wonderment” and “decisions” began to appear. I share how exactly I do this, and why it works 😉
  2. Characters & Plot: a story needs characters for the viewer to follow to become invested in the journey. I’ll walk you through how characters are developed, including characteristics and costume. Plus how the characters all come together in a plot to tell the story.
  3. Interview Prep: I take you behind-the-scenes to show you how I prepare the client for a fun and casual interview, even if they haven’t been on camera very much. I love how Leyla later warmed up and we were able to capture several important stories, which means more creative freedom with variations on messages. Both awesome things to have for your videos to have longevity.
  4. Direction: we go to the beach at sunset where I’ll show you how I position Leyla against the sunset and why it’s so important, and how I direct clients into “scenarios” that are a lot less stressful than “posing”.

Make sure to stay tuned till the end where I share a story of how I almost lost my drone in the ocean! 😳😳😳

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This video was such a joy to create and I noticed you all love my blog videos where I share more of my processes and personal life.

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