that you totally rock?

Thank you!

I’m so grateful to business owners like yourself because without you, there wouldn’t be me!

If you believe that you received great value from our time together, I would be so appreciative if you could pass my name along to a friend or colleague that you know who might need my video help.

To make this easy peasy, I’ve created an introduction template that you can simply copy and paste into your email:

Dear <friend>,

I’m emailing you because I wanted to pass along someone who might be helpful to your business.

I’ve recently just worked with Emmy to create my <type of video> and I found it to be of excellent value. If you’re interested in creating videos for your business, I’d recommend checking her out!

She specializes in creating branded videos for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch a new offer or e-course and also provides in-person videography for the Pacific Northwest.

You can click here to be taken to her website if you wanted to learn more. Just in case, the URL is: www.emmywu.com

No pressure, but wanted to include you on this if you were interested.

Talk to you soon!

<your name>