When you’re building a business, it’s easy to wonder what we’re missing and develop shiny object syndrome. But if you’re always looking to outside sources, you miss out on the greatest opportunity to harness what’s already inside of you.



  • We look outside of ourselves for answers.
  • Lack of patience = shiny object syndrome.
  • When you copy other people’s work, you hand over your power and never give your gifts even an opportunity to rise to the surface.
  • Ask yourself: why do you feel a need to see what others are doing?



  1. Follow the little breadcrumbs that life has already been giving you: what do you already know with your work and experience? What have you already been doing? Read between the lines.
  2. Take the time to question yourself: What do you value in this world?
  3. Take the time to listen in and reflect: What do people often compliment you on or ask you about?


Yes, the process of uncovering takes time. You’re consistent asking inwards and taking quiet time to reflect. This process may take months/years to find … but it’s worth it, and really the only way to uncover your unique purpose & message. In the process of uncovering your message, what you’re essentially doing is truly discovering how you can be of most service in the world … in a way only you can do. 

If you have any questions about finding your message or purpose? Leave a comment below!