Finally made it! Seeing my sister Sharon after a 2-day ferry & drive made it all worthwhile.

I recently made a momentous trip back to Vancouver Island.

This trip was momentous for me because not only did I endure a 2-day overland drive across the crowded I5, and a treacherous, winding, cliff-hanging road that messed with my vertigo for days.

More importantly, because it was my first time back to Vancouver Island in probably over 10 years, and the first time I would visit my sister’s cafe, Yayu.

This jagged but incredibly gorgeous shoreline is also where we scattered our mom’s ashes years ago, so coming back to Vancouver Island had a lot of meaning for me … but I procrastinated this trip for years. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes life feels hectic. 

The demands and timelines of work, coupled with all the things in life to see, do, and pay for – our days can feel like a never-ending merry-go-round that we’re not quite sure how we got onto in the first place. 

For me, my routines and habits help me to feel grounded. I like working from my bright office with dual monitors (and Milo sleeping on the windowsill). I want to sleep in my OWN bed – not crash on a couch or bounce around. I like my own coffee, my own space, and quiet. 😆

I like feeling settled. 

That was my excuse – the trip takes too much effort to upheave my daily routines to feel unsettled, for a short visit. 

But with the world finally settling back after covid, and traveling wasn’t so difficult anymore, and I still hadn’t seen my sister’s business since it’s opening in 2019 – I knew it was time. 

The journey from me to her isn’t an easy one: a 4 hour trek to a small town in Washington so I could board a cross-border ferry, to make ANOTHER 4+ hour drive across winding mountain cliffs.

With only periodic passing lanes, this highway is an old, rudimentary road that BC has only recently started improving. 

To shorten the drive, I stayed in a tiny house in Port Angeles, WA so I could board the early ferry to Victoria, BC. En route to my destination, I always stop at Coombs where there’s a market with goats on the roof and amazing ice cream!

At one point, my GPS even turned me down an unfinished gravel road until I decided after 20 minutes that I needed to turn back otherwise my little sports hatchback might not make it out. Luckily, I got back into reception range and I was able to redirect myself from a landmark. 

Lesson learned. Trust your gut. The GPS is not always right. 

During my trip, I DID feel the pressures of not having my usual habits and routines. Especially because I was still working remotely, not having my nice desk or usual routines made me really notice when I was working because I FELT like I shouldn’t be. 😆

Ucluelet, a small, surf town on the West Coast of Vancouver Island is home to incredible wildlife, scenery, outdoor activities, and eclectic local businesses. Once a thriving fishing town, it’s now driven by seasonal tourism and, more recently, young remote workers coming to enjoy a slower lifestyle. 

During our time together, we wandered the little town and cruised for clothes, jewelry, trinkets, and nice-smelling things as we sisters like to do.

I could literally eat seafood all day every day. 🍣😆

We enjoyed walks along the beach (albeit short since the weather was definitely starting to turn!), visiting a local Korean restaurant with the yummiest BibimBap, or Hot Stone bowl, with evenings sipping wine and going to bed nice and early. 

I finally got to see Yayu Cafe and all the hard work her and her partner had put into building out the space. She’s created a healthy vegan menu that locals and tourists (and me!) drool over. 

All grown up and maybe even more Type A than me? 🤔 🤣  Sharon turned a paper-napkin dream into reality in 2019. Her and her partner worked tirelessly to transform the Yayu space from an empty shell into the gorgeous cafe it is today.

At the end of my trip, heading home was bittersweet. Bitter because I knew it would probably be a while before I make this trek again – I wanted to soak in as much of the place and experience as I could. But also so sweet that I got to spend quality time with my sister, regardless of what it took to get there. 

Some things are worth the effort – even if especially if we have a ton of resistance around it. 

We all have dreams about things we want to to – but it’s whether or not you decide to take action on them that will make the difference.

It’s so easy to put things off – say we’ll do one thing, then when push comes to shove, we find a reason to put it off again. Over time, we might wonder how we became a watered-down version of who we used to be.

Instead, of focusing on the barriers, what is actually possible? Can you take an intentional step towards what you truly want?

I’m reminded that while breaking up my routine isn’t easy, what I got in exchange was well worth it.

The Rose Quartz latte my sister made for me that feels like a hug. ☺️

Down the line, I won’t remember that I stuck to my routine, but I sure will remember all the sweet moments and how important it was to make that trip.

Some things are worth the effort.


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