In a sea of videos and online media, it can be hard to stand out.

You have a great product or service, but the image that you’re presenting isn’t as authentic as you feel it could be. Or, maybe it’s not attracting the love that you hoped for. Putting in the hard work and getting little out of it can be frustrating!

Well guess what honey buns, I’m here to help! I want you to create video content that sells your authentic brand in the most beautiful and attention grabbing way that it’s impossible for people not to love and support you!

Use brand specific imagery.

I cannot stress this enough. Since video is the dynamic combination of images combined with sound. Use this opportunity to create imagery that authentically represents your company’s brand image. Is your company fast and urban? Soft and ethereal? Alternative or mainstream? Hipster or gangsta? Are you a yoga teacher who has a funky edge? How about juxtaposing images of your yoga practice with a fun soundtrack to bump up the look and feel? Do you work with people online but not sure how to portray that in video?

Try shooting images of your workspace that is paired with music that creates the same feeling people get when they work with you. It’s amazing how much feeling and emotion is conveyed in moving images that you should use that to your advantage to dictate your brand’s message. The creative possibilities are endless and it’s super fun to experiment until you’ve nailed the imagery that truly represents your brand’s look and tone.

Set a consistent TONE.

When you’re speaking to your audience, it’s important that you create a consistent tone that is apparent in all your videos. This look and feel will sell your videos just as much as the content will. Videos are kind of like graphic design because it’s overall sum of elements that creates a FEELING that you’ve designed.

Is your audience stylish females who live in urban centers who love lively and modern branding, or are they more mature and would prefer a more corporate look and feel? Do they listen to traditional Indian ragas, or prefer folk music?

The language you use, the clothes you wear to present your content, how you style your video and the soundtrack are all extremely important things to consider when setting your tone. Once you have more content, your viewers will instantly recognize not only you, but the unique tone that you have created in your videos.

Use specific language.

I like to address my viewers as sugar pies and honey buns, and you can address your audience according to how it suites your brand. Are you sitting down with a friend, or is it a more formal presentation? Do they have an understanding of technical lingo that you’re using, or are you killing viewers by using too many words that they don’t understand?

Use the specific language that your audience is using and make it consistent in your videos so it becomes part of the look and feel they have come to know and like. If you want to explore a subject deeper, it might be helpful to create an introductory video about it, then dive deeper with a video series. It will save viewers from feeling lost in your content, and make yourself look like a video pro J

I hope that these tips have given you some food for thought and maybe some fun exercises to try out!