Before you shoot that speaking video, there are some key fundamentals that you should have in place. In this video, I share some slick tips to shooting an awesome looking interview. Click through to read my top tips for filming your self-interview!Representing your company on video is probably one of the most important elements to your video content.

It should show who you are authentically, and drive your message to your target audience in an appealing way.

Before you shoot that speaking video, there are some key fundamentals that you should have in place. In this video, I share some slick tips to shooting an awesome looking interview.


Typically, you’ll want to sit in a chair in front of something that is pleasing to the eye. What is pleasing to the eye you ask? It should contain these elements: COLOR and DEPTH. Let me explain.

You’ll want to create something that looks interesting to your overall composition when you are in the camera frame. Setting up a fireplace mantle with colorful candles, your workspace with some different colored notebooks and a shiny mug, or a window sill with fresh flowers are all great ideas.

Depending on your camera lens, a good general rule is to have this background about 10-15 feet behind you. This way, it doesn’t distract the viewer from looking at YOU, but actually frames you perfectly in the shot so you have center stage.


Style the background of your video so that it speaks to you and what your brand is. And put on a little mascara and that cute top! Wear something that looks attractive and professional. You don’t have to go overboard, but a clean polished video starts with you looking and feeling your best. This is how you want to represent yourself to the world!


I always set up my camera where I think I want to shoot, then step into the frame and talk for a few seconds. Then, I check my frame to make sure everything is in place, that I am in focus, and it’s exactly how I want it to look. Generally, you want the frame to be start right about chest level, and end at the top of your head. If you’re too far, you’ll look disconnected from your viewer. If you’re too close, it just looks awkward.


After you’ve read through your script a few times, and you’re familiar with the overall flow, it’s okay to keep your key points close by just to keep you on track. I create some bullet points on my laptop and keep it close by when I’m shooting. But for the overall content, just relax and talk to your camera like it’s your friend. Or your kitty! It’s OKAY to make mistakes and stumble on your sentences. You will get better with practice so don’t be afraid to speak your message with confidence!


It’s fun! So many times, when people step in front of the camera, their demeanour changes and they start to shrink away. Make sure you maintain your presence in front of the camera, and speak each sentence like you mean it. You keep strong by enunciating your words, maintain eye contact with the camera, and smile. Okay, you don’t have to smile if you’re talking about something that doesn’t need you to smile, but then, you should smile with your heart.


Huhh?? You want me to do that alllll over again? Okay, you don’t have to, but it would give your interview some serious production value if you do. Set up your camera again, from generally the same angle, but as a tighter shot. So you want to punch in closer, so the frame starts just below your collarbone, and ends just above your head. Why do this all over again you ask? It’s actually for your own good.

When you have two camera angles to edit from, you are able to emphasize different points throughout your interview. It’s also super useful for hiding those points where you just keep fumbling on your lines, so you can cut to a different angle. It keeps your interview looking dynamic and clean.

Your interview is an important part of your video content, so be proud of what you’ve created! Don’t forget to share it on your social media with your hashtag to get people chatting about your amazing interview.