Videos are an invaluable tool for you to showcase the best of what you offer and to get your products and services in front of their target audience.

There simply is no other medium like video. Even if you’re feeling some resistance to being in front of the camera, here are 3 reasons why you need to get on video marketing … like now!

Your videos don’t need to be highly produced either! Consistently sharing videos on your smartphone will positively impact your reach and visibility.


Videos can extend your business’ potential reach infinitely.

Well maybe you’re saying that “I’m just Suzy Baker and I own a cupcake shop”.Well, let me tell you that it doesn’t matter what the nature of your business is, EVERY BUSINESS could use extra PR. People are ALWAYS looking for what other people are talking about.Consistent video content on your local social network WILL create more buzz around what you do.

If two businesses do the same thing, and one has just a simple website, but another has a great video on their website, chances are, the business with the video will attract a more engaged audience, and in turn, more customers.

Your videos can not only reach potential clients, but entities that generate even more coverage for you, like local magazines, industry reviewers and bloggers.

It shows who YOU are as a business, and people LOVE genuine, authentic stories.

Video is a great way to tell your story: what inspired you to become who you are today, and why you do what you do.Is that signature dish you serve at your restaurant a recipe passed down from your Tuscan grandma?How DO you get those donuts soooo amazingly soft and fluffy?

Why are you inspired to help people travel and live their lives with more freedom?

People want to know about it! These stories are what create the personality and passion behind your business, and wouldn’t you want to share that with the world?

Videos are fun to create and make you a better entrepreneur.

You can certainly hire someone to do this for you, but there are plenty of entrepreneurs who are creating their own videos with awesome content that keeps their audience coming back for more.Certainly the sky’s the limit when it comes to production quality, but who says you can’t set up your iPhone and share some insight on your process?

Entrepreneurs who share with their community become SEEN and noticed. They are no longer just creating a product or service, but also inviting feedback from their community. Shooting videos can be an exercise for turning inwards, kind of like writing. We need to really ask ourselves where to focus, and how to deliver. These are practices that every entrepreneur should be honing in on.

So go on, pick up that camera and start sharing your passions!