Lately, I’ve been in a deep inquiry into this online marketing space.

When I started this business 6+ years ago, I was freshly scrubbed and ready for a world of possibilities. Like most other aspiring entrepreneurs, I wanted a lifestyle of freedom where I could be my own boss, and work with clients around the world, all from my laptop.

But as the years passed, I now see the dark side of this online coaching/course space – and it sickens me to the point where I question if I even want to be a part of it.

Now, before someone pounces on me in defense of the coaching industry, I want to clarify that this is NOT an attack on coaches and course creators – I’ve taken several high-value programs that have given me the tools to be where I am today.

But there is something deeply wrong with the predatory way this industry markets – by skewing words and concepts to favor the coach’s agenda.

“You’re blocking your own success.”

“You need to work on your mindset.”

“Just get out there and DO the work.”

“Your failures just mean you need me even more!”


That might be part of the truth – but when these words are flung around to prey on weaknesses and remove any accountability from the coach or program facilitator when their students don’t get any results – this is a formation of a SYSTEM designed to trap people in their desperation while dishonest marketers and fake gurus get rich.

Every day, I see another ad or post promising a life of luxury and success, while making your greatest impact in the world – all while working less. 

The way we’re taught to market is based on selling people on a DREAM, and going as far as instructing people to refinance their homes or take out a bigger line of credit, in order to help themselves.

And out of their desperation to solve a problem, many people WILL max out their credit cards or fork over their life’s savings to have their chance at success.

But here’s the hard truth: not everyone is made for entrepreneurship.

But the industry sure makes it sound like they are.

And frankly – I’m fucking sick and tired of it. 🤬

If you look behind the scenes at what’s REALLY happening in these “coaching success stories”, I’m willing to bet many of them:

… had a large financial backing from previous successes to build their business up to what it is today, and/or …

…. have put in YEARS of hustle to get to where they are now, but don’t tell you about the hard yards they’ve had to endure and/or

…. are just ruthless in making sales – doing whatever it takes and throwing morality out the window.

Yea, maybe I’m jaded. Or maybe I just call things as I see them.🧐

It’s important to remember that we are ALWAYS only seeing part of the picture. And the part that’s being presented to you isn’t always the truth.

There IS no “easy formula.”

Many programs have huge gaps that leave people feeling defeated, so they drop out.

You’re not missing anything.

And it’s NOT your mindset.

But it IS human nature to want financial freedom, to want to work less, and to want to spend more time on what matters most to you.

But you have to be very careful when someone is feeding you a “simple framework” or “business blueprint” or any other kind of external validation to give you the things your heart desires – the truth is only a small fraction of businesses are successful – and even that’s not permanent, because a business that lasts, ALWAYS has to innovate and grow.

Just look at Blockbuster, Kodak, and MGM. When times changed – the emergence of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu – these companies became obsolete and filed for bankruptcy.

Businesses reflect the demands of the times – but when the demand goes away or the perception of its value diminishes – those businesses will be in jeopardy.

And this change in demand offers a light at the end of the tunnel – maybe the consumer market will become so oversaturated with this bullshit that people simply demand more honesty and transparency.

It’s unfortunate that fake gurus are really great at screaming their message from the rooftops – attracting the attention of those who are most needy or desperate …

… while true experts have entirely different priorities: they’re quietly helping their clients behind the scenes. They don’t share or document everything on social media because they don’t need to prove themselves to a bigger audience, or have a need to fill up their group program.

I would much rather be in the latter camp.

So – how do we change this?

It starts with us. It’s imperative that we’re aware of the language we’re putting out into the world, while being unafraid to show up in our own way. It is up to us – the entrepreneurs – to break old paradigms and create new solutions.

And in the beginning, it’ll feel hard – you might grapple with the same questions I am:

“Can I still grow my business without social media at all?”

“How can I stand out without playing the whole dog and pony show?”

“If I were to truly do things differently, what would that look like?”

As I work through these answers, instead of building a huge audience, I’m personally focusing on delivering great work to my clients and network – because great work always brings more work.

And I’m no longer buying into the toxic self-help, hype marketing that focuses solely on selling the dream – I’m highlighting what’s TRUE.

Instead of promising time freedom and working less – I’m teaching the importance of creating structures and workflows to reduce your screen time and busywork.

Instead of dangling luxury and riches, I’m teaching the importance of making CEO decisions and becoming a master at your OWN WORK so clients and abundance flows as a result.

Instead of telling prospects to request a line of credit (which I have NEVER done anyway, but I see this everywhere), I’m teaching my clients to be patient with their results because, in the act of slowing down, they learn to trust THEMSELVES.

Instead of teaching a framework (which I love, but it’s NOT the answer to everyone’s problems), I’m teaching my clients to spot gaps and opportunities for themselves.

Most of all, collectively, we need to stop believing that other people can give us what we dream of – THAT can only come from within YOU … and HOW you get there is YOUR unique path.

And sometimes it’s about shutting out the external messages that keep force feeding you the idea that you’re not enough, or that you’re missing something.

Make no mistake – you are smarter and more capable than they want you to believe.

So let’s start believing in our own path – a new path – and begin paving the way together.