I always say that videos are your business ambassadors. They help you to network and build that know, like, trust factor even before you ever make contact.

So, are you using your videos to their full potential? Here are some ways you can start now!

Show Potential Clients How Great It Is To Work With You.

You want to research who your potential clients are, it may be based on location, or what kind of service you could offer, or possibly a new joint venture altogether.[Tweet “The key thing is to keep in mind what THEY are looking for. How can your business help THEM? “] Let’s say you’re Suzy and you make some amazing cupcakes. And let’s say you want to cater some big events, so you target a well-known event coordinator and reach out to them. Make that initial call or email to inquire if this would be something they might be interested in, and send them a DVD or web link of your video.

All of a sudden, they know that you can make the prettiest confetti speckled cupcakes for a celebration event they are planning for. Oh, and you also make some beautiful cakes for weddings.

Show them how easy it is for them to do business with you, and seal the deal by being authentic, because a shining personality ALWAYS wins. This works with service based businesses too where you can show the passion behind what you do, and be sure to include some customer testimonials!

Videos Increase The Value Of Your Brand.

Having a company video that showcases your company and the passion that drives what you do is irresistible to people. People love to see the “behind the scenes”, and WANT to be engaged by your cause and purpose. You’re not just a skateboard company, but you also contract local artists to create limited edition art on your product! Maybe your restaurant uses pressure infusion techniques to create the most out of this world flavours.

Many travel companies are now also creating videos to extend their brand to attract younger adventure travellers.Vice Magazine has a catalogue of free online video documentaries. Clothing Retailers create lifestyle videos that showcase their season’s collections. The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with how you want to represent yourself in the marketplace.

Videos Make It Easier for Potential Clients to Find You.

Share that company video on social media with the right hashtags and it’s bound to capture interest.Keep generating videos on a consistent basis, and you’ll have a following of people who are tuned into what you are up to. And when you’re in the forefront of people’s minds, they’re more likely to talk about you.