Videos can be super inspiring to watch, but the thought of creating content is a little more daunting. It might be the learning curve of new equipment and workflows that have you frozen, or maybe it’s the process of finding content that connects with your audience, and your authentic self!

Here are four questions that you should ask yourself before you go out and buy that killer camera package.

Do you have something to teach or share that’s valuable to other people?

The easiest and best way to come up with content is sharing knowledge so it can help boost other people in what they do or help to enrich their lives.Sharing your knowledge is by far the most effective way to create authentic content that comes from your heart, because it’s your area of expertise. Your videos can be instructional, or just show you speaking about it, like moi.It doesn’t have to be rocket science, and sometimes we stop ourselves because “oh, someone is already doing something like that”. But no! No one is YOU and no one is going to present the information like you, So if you got something valuable to share, go ahead and pick up a camera and talk about it!

You can make videos consistently. Sometimes this is a question about your schedule, but other times, it’s a question of whether or not you really want to commit to something on a regular basis. Maybe you love the idea of having content, but the actual process of writing a script, shooting it, then editing fills you with a sense of dread, then be mindful when you go through the process. It might be that video really isn’t your forte, but maybe you just need a little guidance before you feel entirely comfortable with the process yourself. And that’s totally okay!I’m a true believer in the idea that if you want something bad enough, you’ll figure out a way to get it done. If you are looking for guidance, there are lots of great (free) resources to help you get started. *Hint: my Youtube channel/vlog is great place to start!Plus, if you can follow through to commit to shooting one video every two weeks, or once a month, this level of engagement can help you to really decide whether or not videos are right for you.

Willingness to learn. Ohhhh if only videos would magically populate themselves on my vlog. And I’d like for all of them to have high production value like Marie Forleo’s videos please !Wouldn’t that be awesome? But, the truth is, there’s always a learning curve involved when we start to use new tools, or start to break old habits. And I know they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I beg to differ.[Tweet “Whenever you are set on creating something for yourself, whether it’s learning a new language, an editing program, or a fabulous life of freedom, there will always be something we need to learn in order to grow. “]We can frown upon those tasks as tedious and menial, or we can buckle down and be proud of tackling something we never would have in the past.I know that for me, I used to HATE editing. I loved being behind the camera, but the process of putting the footage together filled me with a sense of dread. But it really didn’t make sense. It was kind of like loving to drive a new car, but then not knowing how to park it.I decided to buckle down and watch some boring instructional videos, and set out to practice more. Only a few weeks later, I had a much greater handle on using my editing program correctly, which gave me the freedom to create projects that I am really proud of.

Enjoy the process. Did you grandma ever tell you to slow down and smell the flowers? Well, she was right. This might sound harsh, but you want to create awesome and effective videos, you have to enjoy the process of doing it. If you are just infatuated with the idea of seeing the end result, then forrrrget it.For me, I love Tuesdays and Wednesdays because that’s when I bundle up with a nice strong French press, put on some inspiring music, and write my weekly vlog videos. On Wednesdays, I get dressed up for shooting everything I wrote the previous day. I love the process of getting my ideas out and the feeling of hopefully being able to answer some questions and help other people.Just the very act of engaging in creating videos has given me enough knowledge that I’ve created a workflow that is the same for all my videos and so shooting and editing them is a snap!

I hope that this video has given you some food for thought if you’ve ever thought of creating videos to build your brand. If you had any questions about using videos in your business, I’d love to hear from you!