What If You Could ELIMINATE Overwhelm & Take Back A Full Day EACH Week, So You Can Have More Time For Life?

You’re here to build a business that creates positive impact in this world.

Sharing your gifts in a way that helps others feels oh-so-good.

You know what you love and what you’re great at …

… but when it comes to running your business, instead of feeling expansive and lit up, you often feel overwhelmed and frazzled …

Something led you here .. and I’m so glad you listened.

I want to show you a way of building your business with ease while taking back an entire day back in your week.

If you’re ready to work less and feel more accomplished, without using another productivity hack, you’re in the right place. 

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?


You’ve signed up for a million-and-one tools, but not sure which ones to use (and kind of hate using most of them).

Your payment systems, email systems, client systems are in a state of chaos … or non-existence. Nothing works together and you have no idea where to even start to untangle this mess.

You haven’t sent a newsletter in foreverrrr and struggle with doing all the things you need to in order to stay visible as a business.  

You keep promising yourself that you’re going to get “that thing” done this week … only to realize at the end of the week you’re no closer than when you started … and it’s been like this for ages.

Every time you sit down to focus, you end up spiralling in thoughts of never-ending loads of laundry, helping your kids of homework, and a long list of to-do’s instead of working on your highest level tasks.

What If Your Business Was Designed To Give You More Freedom And Spaciousness, Without Having To Do More? 

Imagine feeling clear and focused on the exact tasks that’ll move your business forward. 

Streamlining your tools and tech so they simplify and support your work, instead of weighing you down. 

Having more peace of mind to fully be present with friends and loved ones, instead of always worrying about work in the back of your mind.

Having automated systems that improves your client’s and customer’s experience, while reducing your workload.

Having more space for joy and creative work and knowing your art is even more more powerful because you’ve set up your business to support your biggest dreams.


… I’ll teach you how to build a business that SUPPORTS your creative work, with the systems and mindset that’ll give you true freedom.

  • Systems for fast content creation & daily messaging. Check. 100% 100%
  • Payment systems that automatically deposit cash in your bank account. Check. 100% 100%
  • Client and customer experience systems that WOW them. Check. 100% 100%
  • Believing more and more you deserve and GET TO have the support you need and want. Check. 100% 100%
  • More time to do the work you actually love. Check. Check. And CHECK. 100% 100%

In one month I went from confusion to clarify to confidence to cash! Thanks to you, I have focus and a plan, instead of feeling lost, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Because of our work together I signed on three new clients this week, and the revenue from those contracts is three times what I made last month. Thank you!



Working with Emmy and was one of the best business decisions I made! 

I gained so much functionality and was able to let go of many moving parts, which saved me a lot of time, energy, and money.

My world has changed since working with Emmy and for that I am forever grateful.



Emmy has the ability to take very big ideas and breaking them down to do-able steps with enthusiasm, support, and patient guidance.

Her constant positive can-do approach and willingness to give her knowledge freely was a breath of fresh air along with her responsiveness and staying on top of the details.





Overwhelm To Ease


🔸 Four weeks of recorded trainings on creating sovereign boundaries, and the tools to support your freedom.

🔸 My Trello Business Blueprint system to keep your business organized & oh-so-streamlined!

🔸 Bonus 1: ‘How To Find & Train The Right VA’ with all my email templates for hiring & firing.

🔸 Bonus 2: Course Launch Promotion system that turns one google doc into multiple pieces of promotional content and a system you can hand off to your VA.

🔸 Bonus 3: Client Workflows to streamline your client on-boarding, fulfillment, and communications with ease, with all my templates and swipe files!

YOUR INVESTMENT: Single Pay: $1000 OR

3 X $350 (every 30 days)

Hey, I’m Emmy!

For 2 decades, I managed multi-million dollar Hollywood projects with many moving parts. I learned how to stay on top of the daily tasks, while never dropping the ball on new requests and additions from directors and producers … and trust me, there were many!

This wasn’t because I was Superwoman. Far from it.

It was because I got really good at identifying the key tasks and knowing how to prioritize them in my schedule … despite changes that were out of my control.

When I took my business online, I brought these systems into how I run my business so I could produce content quickly to grow my online audience while serving my done-for-you clients.

I’ve also learned that spaciousness and freedom is an inside job. The only thing that can ever give you true freedom is the way you think.

That’s why we’ll go so much deeper than the systems. 

This program is designed to help you create more spaciousness in your day-to-day, have an extra day in your week to focus on your creative work (or simply enjoy off!), and the deeper mindset support to lock it in for a lifetime.

HERE’S WHAT we’ll cover:


Your work is sacred … it’s time you started treating it like that. Everything we do will be based on the foundation of giving yourself full permission to run your business the way YOU want to and not the way you think it needs to be. After this lesson, you’ll be crystal clear on what you personally need in your business to feel free.


You’ll set new standards for normal in your business that aligns your vision into reality. We’ll dig into some of the beliefs that might be keeping you stuck, and help you build new practices and boundaries that support your bigger vision of calm and ease.


I’ll walk you through my favorite business organization tricks and automation hacks to take back your time. From serving dozens of clients (many of whom are self-proclaimed non-techies!) I can promise you this will be do-able and so rewarding. Plus, my complete client-onboarding process with email templates and swipe files!


Stop feeling like you’re constantly behind by getting clear on the only things you really need to grow your business and creating systems that support your daily flow and experience more abundance than ever. Plus, the behind-the-scenes on my personal processes to consistently create daily and weekly content for 6 years without grinding. 

You Might Not Believe This Yet …

… but you get to choose what kind of life you get to live: the joy, spaciousness, and creative flow are all available to you right now. 

It’s a matter of knowing you deserve it, and taking the aligned actions.

If you’re ready to believe, I’ll guide you there. 

Join me?