I’ve been spending a lot of time in inquiry: what does my work say about me?

How can I elevate my craft in ways I’ve never done before?

Something I’ve learned through shooting which applies to life as well:

Don’t be afraid to ask.

I used to be terrified to interrupt clients while they’re recording, or just being a bit more aggressive with getting the shot I needed because I didn’t want to be intrusive.

I just wanted to be nice. 

Instead of stepping outside my comfort zone, or asking a stranger for an epic shot, I’d smile and stay back. But by being timid on a shoot, I also wasn’t getting the shots that I’d be really proud of.

Asking my client to pause during recording, just so I could reposition my camera felt scary as hell. But doing so elevates the project as a whole. Over time, I’ve learned that this was actually a good thing, and not something to avoid.

Here’s an example from a recent shoot for Lynn & Kent Raible from Golden Sphere studios. We created 4 modules of custom content for their 1st ever online group program, “Going Tubular”.

It was important that the videos clearly showed Kent’s hands and techniques. But with a macro lens where every tiny move could potential turn your whole image into a mushy mess, it was challenging to capture everything and ensure the footage was crisp.

Instead of struggling along, I asked my subject to pause occasionally, so I could reposition my camera.

I probably wasn’t so graceful at the beginning, but we definitely found a nice groove as the day went on.

Most importantly, I walked away with some of probably the most beautiful footage I’ve ever shot. 

By asking, you’re being a better professional because you care that final product and results matter. It also means that you believe that you’re deserving to be supported in doing your best work.

I know it’s hard to interrupt, ask for help, or just admit that we can’t keep up … but in doing so, you’re honouring you. And you deserve to be supported in becoming the best version of you.

You can read more about Golden Sphere Studios and the project details in my Portfolio.