So you’re ready to start shooting some content. Whether it’s a preview of your services, or an online course, you’re ready to share your wisdom with the world.

But you’re stuck on adding text to your videos. Not sure where to edit them in, or if there’s a better way to communicate this altogether? Do you overlay text? Create it’s own sequence? Should I even use text or will it feel disruptive?

Text can be a useful element to give the viewer information that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise in your video. Think of names and titles of people being interviewed in documentaries, establishing places and time of day in CSI, or subtitles in foreign films. But also notice how text is used only because it’s either intended to be part of how it’s visually stylized, or it’s absolutely necessary.

Sometimes when we want to convey information in videos, we believe that text is the only way to do so, and I want to encourage you to use other methods of communication. Videos are the dynamic combination of moving images with sound, so use that to your advantage and don’t make your viewers read! Here are some visual ways of replacing text.

Use images of the word.

Say you have a few keywords and you want to emphasize them throughout your video. Instead of adding text in the editing process, maybe write them out on paper and literally hold them up in front of the camera. This can be a fun way to highlight information and makes your audience feel like you’re interacting with them. For a slightly different tone, you could set up your camera, and record yourself writing the word before continuing on with the topic.

Use visual cues.

There’s a reason why I always gesture my points on video before I talk about them. I creates a visual cue for the viewer that I’m giving you a key point, and about to elaborate on it. You can use other visual cues that suite your brand, or even sound cues. Get creative and consistently implement cues that people will identify with your brand message.

Say it, don’t spell it.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with explaining your point in a video, rather than creating text for viewers to read. In fact, people love to watch videos because it allows for a different type of engagement that you don’t get in reading blogs or articles. So use it to your advantage!

Break it down.

Maybe you have a lot of information that you need to get across, so using text feels like it would be more effective to helping your viewers to understand. I urge you, then, to think about ways that you can break down your videos into smaller, digestible video shorts that drives home one point per video. There’s no rule in how long or short videos should be, so use however much time you need to succinctly make your point. It’s actually a great way to increase viewership when you have a video series that dives into a specific topic.

I hope this video has given you some ideas on communicating without having to edit in text. Because at the end of the day, we all want to edit less! Have fun with creating new ways that visual cue your message, and your viewers will love your signature method for explaining things to them!