We all want more leads for consistent clients and revenue, right?

But actually getting those leads aren’t that easy … until now. In today’s training, I’ll share 5 ways you can get 20 or more leads this month!

Note that these are ideas that work online and in-person. We all know that today’s online landscape is changing, so it’s important to have different methods under your tool belt 😉

Here are 5 Ways You Can Get 20 Or More Leads This Month:

1. Hold a livestream talking about a problem they’re currently experiencing, and offer a call to solve their problem.

Don’t forget to include your booking link in livestream comments!

Alternatively, create a story-driven post/email that’s based on a result you’ve personally achieved, or a result you’ve helped your client achieve, with the CTA to your booking link.

2. If you’re starting out: offer to interview 5 ideal clients and offer your call at the end.

You should have a good idea of their problem by the end of the call!

Alternatively, call your past clients to see if you could get on a call to catch up. See where they are and do the session right on the call if they have time, otherwise book another time before the end of the call.

3. Offer to do talks!

A 20 minute talk at a community or local in-person network event or group; round-table; formal talk on a stage > gather emails and send your booking link.

4. Offer a training in someone else’s Facebook group/IG profile.

You’re able to leverage their audience, and share your expertise. Send them to your booking link as your call to action.

5. Create a monthly in-person meet up and offer calls to people who attend who need your help. 

Ultimately it’s about showing up.

You’ll book more calls if you have social proof: weekly livestream, helpful content on your website, answering people’s questions online and off.