When the online space is rapidly changing, this signals an opportunity to launch BIGGER 😉

When I started working with the Raibles on their new course launch “Architecture Of A Ring”, I knew we didn’t have to use conventional launch methods like challenges or a video series. They had just tapped into a brand new market in their last program launch “Going Tubular” which brought in $24k within their 48 hour early-bird! I KNEW this new audience of aspiring jewelry-makers was hungry for guidance and inspiration.

Instead of using the a challenge or video series, that required a big push during a launch, I wanted to create a hands-off way they could grow their audience with a PUSH-OF-A-BUTTON.

Instead, we crafted a series of candid interview videos that they could run as low-cost video view ads all year round that would continuously tap into an ice cold audience. See the series below:

As a business owner, it’s important that you’re intentional about WHO your video is speaking to. Your videos should speak specifically with DIFFERENT messaging to different types of people in your audience:

  • Cold leads (these people have no idea who you are),
  • Warm leads (these people may have been to your website or watched your videos, but haven’t bought from you),
  • Hot leads (past customers or clients, and people ready to buy!)

With cold leads, you’re simply building brand awareness, and letting them know who you are by building goodwill. Sharing helpful tips and content is a great way to do this.

With warm leads, you want to continue building the relationship, with specific content that answers their questions and objectives and opening them up to the idea of working with you.

Only your hot leads should be invited directly to a sales page or application because now you’ve established a relationship with this audience.

We were able to acquire new audiences for pennies, then re-target them with the sales video (see below).

Total ad spend: $425 in boosted posts to custom audiences.
Cost per 10-second view: $0.03
Cost per link Click: $1.11
CPC-All: $0.46
Total Sales: $22,750.00 in a single launch + $82k in recurring income.

That’s a 53X ROAS – Return On Ad Spend!

Here are some more amazing stats: 

  • 34% of sales from people who were NOT on their list prior to the ads. (This is a 33X ROAS – Return On Ad Spend)
  • 63% of sales from people who were NOT on their list prior to their last online course launch (53X ROAS – Return On Ad Spend)

Takeaway: you need videos into your lead generation strategy if you want to tap into a cold market RAPIDLY.

The online landscape is quickly changing, so business owners need to stay on top of these changes to be successful! It’s not about having pretty videos or a complicated funnel, it’s about understanding what your market REALLY wants so you have the RIGHT message and strategy that’ll bring in SALES.

We look at every possible aspect of consumer behaviour, buyer psychology, and emerging trends EVEN IF it means flipping launching on its head.

Because we don’t just launch. We had create a RIPPLE EFFECT of people who keep coming back to YOU. Our goal is to create buying frenzy that almost takes down your website with a tidal wave of sales and excitement for what YOU have to offer.