Are you one of those people who freeze as soon as you press record?

The thought of having a thousand eyes on you makes you paralyzed with fear?

Not even sure what to say anymore to your audience?

Well guess what Video Lovers, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

Part of creating clear and concise video content is planning beforehand and having a script ready to roll when you hit record. I’ll show you in easy five steps, how to write a script for your videos so you’ll have wise words to share!

Don’t you feel so inspired by those people who can just roll with their content as soon as the camera’s recording? I know I do! And because they look so natural, it’s easy to think that they’re just freestylin’ it.

But that’s not exactly the case. There are many top Video content creators who say the secret to their consistency and presentation, is actually creating a script before they shoot.

Here are Five Things You Need to Do to Create a Kick-Ass Script for Your Videos:

Determine the PURPOSE of your video.

You can’t talk about something if you don’t know what the purpose is! Before you even start writing, you’ll need to determine whether this video is to sell a product or service, if it’s an explainer video that breaks information down for your viewers, or if it’s a brand promotional.These different videos all speak in different languages and engage your audience in a different way. If you are creating a series that will ultimately sell something, you need to show your audience WHY they need it! If it’s a brand promotional, you have capture the flavor and pizzazz of your unique style. Determining your purpose will eliminate any guesswork when it comes to writing content that will actually serve the purpose of what you’re creating.

Write your content right before or just a day before your shoot.

It’s much harder to recreate the feeling of your content after a few days have passed. When you write right before your shoot, everything is fresh, and even if you miss anything from your script, most of the words that come out of your mouth will actually come from a place of authenticity and passion because it’s still ruminating in your head.

Write like how you’d speak.

I know that I’m definitely guilty for writing in a tone that more suited for academia and does not represent how I actually talk in real life. I’ve actually had to re-learn how to write in a more conversational style. In fact, I actually took an amazing writing course over the summer created by Nikki Elledge Brown called “A Course About Copy”. This has especially helpful in writing copy for my website in a language that normal people actually understand, and especially in writing my video scripts!

Hello! There is NO way that I could regurgitate in the language that I was writing in before. All these fancy metaphors, and allegories, and really plain old page fillers, really.

When I write my script the way that I would speak, I can just glance over my material, and understand the gist of what I need to communicate. No memorizing. Just me speaking in my usual tone to get my point across. It’s so much easier. And I’m a big fan of making things easier.

Break it down!

Part of communicating clearly, is learning to batch your information in digestible bits for your audience. You don’t want to inundate them with a ton of information that they walk away from your videos straight for the medicine cabinet for some Tylenol.

When you break your information into segments, it also makes it much easier for YOU to wrap your brain around how to present it. This is actually how our brains work too! One concept or image leads to the other. Our brains like to link things … most of us aren’t great at grasping a huge amount of info at once. So don’t force it on your audience, nor yourself!

Shoot In Segments!

If you can talk in one big spiel, then don’t force it! I always shoot my videos from two different angles, two separate times.Yes, it might be a little more work in the end, but I can also segment which parts to focus on my A Camera angle, and which ones on my B Camera angle. This has lightened the load tremendously on myself to speak in a long glorious flow like some people can.Also by time I shoot my B Camera, having ran through the entire script once already, it’s sooooo much easier to shoot. Ultimately, it gives me the footage to create a more seamless video that I’m proud to share, and that’s really the end goal J

If you’re interested to learn more about Nikki Elledge Brown’s program,“A Course About Copy”, that taught me how to communicate my brand message with more clarity and confidence than ever before, you can do that here.

I hope this video gave you some ideas to get started on your script so you can make your videos a reality! Because the world wants to hear from you!