In this training, we go over some of the reasons you might be struggling to grow your business.

From working with dozens of clients, chances are, you’re not where you need to be in these three areas:

  1. Volume: not talking to enough leads
  2. Follow up: you’re not asking for the sale enough
  3. Offer: you’re trying to sell what people don’t want to buy.

Often, business owners are looking in the wrong places; People in your immediate network are going to be your best bet, especially when you’re starting.

Some symptoms of not having the proper foundation on your business, but believing:

  • That you have a wrong or unclear message (although that may be true)
  • Shiny object syndrome

If you’re under $5K month, you need to be looking at SALES not marketing.

This training will help you get clear on what you should be focusing your energy. Let’s dive in!


  • What’s my offer?
  • Who’s it for?
  • Get really good at talking about it in a way that’s compelling to your audience.
    • People buy because you help to fix a problem or help them experience a desire.
  • Is your mind in the game? Get excited about your values and mission.
    • I believe in my ability to …
    • I believe I’m really good at …
    • I believe I can help ….
    • 10 things that make me unique ….
    • I believe I can accomplish …
    • What will growing your business do for you and your life? (Seeing yourself at the level of accomplishment will help you get there!)


  • Paying for an ad
  • Networking groups & live events > ask to contribute / speak
  • Guest posting
  • Getting interviewed in other people’s podcast/ joint livestream
  • Livestream in someone else’s Facebook group or IG account
  • Outreach to network, friends, family, past clients for referrals


  • Consistent newsletter
  • Weekly livestreams
  • Create a plan you can actually stick to


  • Everytime you engage with your audience you’re asking them to take action. People need to ENGAGE with you before they purchase from you.
    • Purchase your offering, but it doesn’t always have to be buying something!
    • like your FB biz page,
    • join your FB group,
    • share your post,
    • reply to this email,
    • get on a call,


  • You need a pulse on your audience, who they are, what desire or fear
  • Share posts that help them to hold a common vision or values with you.
  • Share your life experiences, what you’ve learned and ask your audience for response.
  • Always tell the truth.


Always be working on 3 at a time! In case method doesn’t work out, you’ll still have two other options.