As we settle into a new year, I always reflect on the year before and think through the things that went well, and things we could’ve improved on.

I realized that when I didn’t stay FORWARD THINKING, the business suffered as a result.

In the video below, I talk about 3 lessons learned in 2021 that I believe are common mistakes that entrepreneurs make, and how you can avoid them!

#1: Hire BEFORE You Need To!

When you wait for too long (like I did!), the workload increases to a point where you will eventually begin to make mistakes as you scramble to cover all the tasks. Even worse, it will stop you from focusing on moving your business FORWARD because you’re trying to band-aid the leaks that are happening right now. HIRE EARLY! If there are already immediate tasks that need to be done, it could be too late.

#2: Making Decisions Out Of Desperation

Unfortunately, waiting too long to hire caused me to make some poor financial decisions out of my desperate need for help. Give yourself the room and space to make GOOD decisions both for adding members to your team as well as moving your business forward. Trust yourself more! You are smarter and more capable than you give yourself credit for, and no one knows your business like YOU do! This discomfort is part of the process, so don’t jump and try to slap a band-aid on a problem when you can take some time to make the right decision that is best for you and your business.

#3: Getting Off Track From Your Core Strategy

Don’t let the build of tasks and client work pull you off track from what truly drives your business forward. Taking a detour from your core strategy may not impact you immediately, but it will become evident that something (lead generation, cash flow, etc) is off, and this will effect your overall business growth and add to your overwhelm and stress as a business owner and entrepreneur.

So friends, stay organized, trust yourself, and get the help you need to push your ultimate vision of business success into the light!


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